Daedalus Mission Simulator:

"Where Neutral Atmosphere Meets Electromagnetic Forcing”


The Daedalus Mission Assessment through Simulation Exercise (MASE) is an open-source mission simulator that seeks to establish closure of the mission objectives, expressed in terms of derived products, global statistics and synergistic products. It aims to demonstrate that the mission requirements are sufficient to reach the specified mission objectives. This implies meeting performance metrics in terms of a) derived product uncertainties, b) statistics, and c) altitude profile retrievals. The data underpinning this exercise is a mission lifetime (3-year) global self-consistent simulation of the comprehensive LTI environment (TIEGCM), from which synthetic primary observable time series are extracted through interpolation along realistic orbit tracks, with errors consistent with L1 observational requirements and/or estimated through simplified parametric instrument simulators. Derived products are computed, and their uncertainties are estimated through standard propagation of variance computed for the respective analytical formulae. In addition, the capability to reconstruct profiles and integrated quantities is evaluated within the MASE simulation environment, based on simulated formation flying orbits.

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